Often, business IT infrastructures grew considerably in the course of time.

We advise and develop independent, future-oriented IT infrastructure concepts which focus on a favorable cost-benefit ratio.

IT Infrastructure consulting for medium-sized businesses

IT management consulting and services for the IT infrastructure

Achieving a better efficiency with an IT infrastructure
Our IT management consultancy and IT service provider advise medium-sized companies in development and the changes in their IT company infrastructure. We analyze the current IT infrastructure, both from the IT facilities to the users in your company and from the hardware to the software to IT services from the internet.

IT infrastructure management for medium-sized businesses
Our IT consultants support medium-sized businesses in developing an IT strategy, the IT business process management and the implementation of the IT service management as IT service provider. We make IT cost-benefit analyses in order to subsequently make recommendations regarding the decision for the IT outsourcing of IT services, renting software from the internet or administrating IT services by their own departments. We are IT consulting partner and implementing partner for the management board and the IT department at the same time.

Your advantages with our IT infrastructure consulting and services:

  • independent IT infrastructure consulting for management board and IT department
  • economic and technical consulting by a multidisciplinary IT business team of experts
  • Development of an IT strategy, an IT process management and creation of the IT infrastructure

Our services for your IT management consulting for IT infrastructure:

  • Analysis of the IT situation, the IT business process management and the IT infrastructure of the company
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the IT infrastructure
  • Integrating the IT infrastructure into the corporate strategy and IT strategy.
  • Consolidation of the IT environment
  • integral analysis of the IT company infrastructure, especially of
    • locations
    • networks
    • server systems
    • client systems (workstations)
    • applications & software
    • features
    • users
  • Organization of the IT service management (ITSM)
  • IT outsourcing, IT-as-a-service, cloud computing
  • Consulting and services regarding IT business process optimization, IT outsourcing, application hosting and web hosting, networks and servers and software-as-a-service (SaaS) / cloud computing.

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