E-business and internet have to support your core business effectively.

We support you in achieving competitive advantages with e-business and internet.

E business strategy und internet strategy - consulting

Strategy consulting: E-business strategies and internet strategies as means to gain competitive advantages

E-business strategies and internet strategies as a part of the corporate strategy
E-business is neither software nor a web shop, but a strategy that is part of the corporate strategy and the IT strategy. Our strategy consulting supports our customers to create their company’s production of goods and services on the markets more efficiently and more successfully by e-business strategies and internet strategies by using IT on all levels of the corporate value creation chain – from procurement to production and sales to customer service.

Our strategy consulting especially changes the e-business strategy and the internet strategy together with our customers by:

  • Integrating the e-business strategy and the internet strategy into the corporate strategy
  • Analyzing the corporate value creation chain
  • Analyzing processes to support processes by e-business measures
  • Analyzing the target groups for the e-business strategy
  • Implementing and accompanying the e-business strategy and the internet strategy into measures
  • Controlling, measuring and optimizing the results of the e-business strategy

Achieving competitive advantages by implementing an e-business strategy
In our integrated management consulting regarding e-business strategy and internet strategy we form e-business strategies for our customers’ companies together with them. Our management consulting aims at implementing the e-business strategy of our customers into competitive advantages by reforming business processes. To be able to gain market advantages compared to the competitors business processes have to be organized easier, faster, more cost-efficient and at last just better by e-business measures involving customers, employees and partners. E-business will even become part of changed and new products at best.

Better process management because of e-business
Software, services and web portals are important devices for achieving competitive advantages with processes supported and optimized by e-business. These have to be fitted to the processes of the company and not the processes to the software. Implementing an e-business strategy has to improve the intra-corporate and extra-corporate business processes so that the e-business measures make a profit contribution. Many companies that have successfully implemented an e-business strategy today feel that their competitive advantages result from a good process management that is supported by effective IT solutions.

Strategy consulting for planning the advantage and the profit contribution of e-business measures
For us, the focus is on the concrete advantage from e-business measures for our customers. Thus, we calculate the due economic success of an e-business strategy and its components before we take project measures.

E-business as competitive factor – Scoring earlier than the competitors
Implementing e-business into the corporate strategy is medium-term especially for medium-sized companies inevitable. a successfully implemented e-business strategy is already today and will be even more decisive in the near future regarding the achievement of competitive advantages like costs, quality and time. Those who accomplish this sooner than their competitors can score early. And that is what it is about. We successfully implement e-business strategies successfully with our customers today so that tomorrow, they can concentrate on the competitive advantages of the day after tomorrow.