IT can contribute to the profit of your company.

We create competitive advantages for your company by means of IT business process optimization and a continuous IT process management.

IT Business Process Optimization & Process Management for Medium-sized Businesses

IT management consulting for IT business process management

IT business process optimization and process management for the optimal growth.
Using IT efficiently is a decisive growth factor and competitive factor. Companies which do not organize their business processes optimally with the help of IT solutions run the risk of losing competitive advantages. Our IT management consulting analyzes the business processes of our customers, redefine them future-orientedly with our customers and design IT – either applications, software, web sites or web portals – so that the IT contributes to the profit measurably.

Generating competitive advantages by means of IT business process optimization
By now, IT has become an essential competitive factor and growth factor. Our IT strategy consulting supports our customers in achieving better results with IT by means of IT business process management. For this, we orient the IT towards the business processes and not the processes towards the IT. Our IT management consulting analyzes the business models and business processes of the company on the base of the corporate strategy, marketing strategy and IT strategy. Together with our customers, we identify the value creation point, optimize the IT business processes for customers, employees and partners or reorganize the business processes altogether. We make sure that the results of the IT business process management, the IT transformations or IT restructions are measurable.

Your advantages with our IT management consulting and business process management:

  • independent IT consulting for management board and IT department
  • economic and technical consulting by an multidisciplinary IT business team of experts
  • Focusing on the realization of economic objectives by IT business process optimization
  • Cost reduction with the help of IT business process optimization
  • Creating surpluses for customers and employees by means of IT process management

The services of our IT business process optimization:

  • Business process optimization and organizational optimization by means of IT
  • Identification and evaluation of value creation chains and business processes
  • Redesign of products and services including IT
  • cost-benefit analyses of IT projects
  • Integrating the business process management into the corporate strategy, marketing strategy and IT strategy
  • development of an IT service management (ITSM)
  • Consulting and services regarding IT infrastructure, IT outsourcing, application hosting and web hosting, networks and servers and software-as-a-service (SaaS) / cloud computing.

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