More and more business applications and services have to flexibly accessible via internet.

We develop internet-based software, dislocate single services into the internet or create internet interfaces.

Web-based and browser-based software development

Development of browser-based applications: web services, SOAP and APIs

Programming of browser-based software, web services and SOAP
Our software development and web programmers develop web-based & browser-based software, web applications, web platforms, web portals and web sites with user-oriented user interfaces, which meet the highest requirements regarding usability and comfort. We advise companies in the build-up of web services, program SOAP and XML interfaces and develop individual business software, applications with selected features or simple interfaces to existent standard software via web service.

Browser-based business software
One of our strengths is the browser-based and web-based software programming of business software (CMS, CRM, ERP, shop, inventory management systems, and so on), which provides a maximum of flexibility to the user with its modular layout and local field of application. Based on standardized basis interfaces and modules, we realize clearly-structured customized software solutions.

Web services and SOAP
Web services enable software to communicate with other software agent using XML via internet protocols. The advantage is, that companies can provide suppliers with existent data or use data in other applications easily across platforms and applications.

Your advantages with our browser-based and web-based software development:

  • cross-platform software via common internet standards
  • flexible IT architecture
  • Working in real time from any internet access

The services of our web programming and IT consulting are:

  • consulting and developing high-quality browser-based and web-based software
  • Programming of web services, SOAP interfaces and XML interfaces
  • Programming of API interfaces and GUI
  • Connecting the company IT to web services
  • Business process optimization with IT
  • Integrating web services into the IT strategy and the IT service management (ITSM)

Our software developers for web-based and browser-based software speak many programming and scripting languages:

  • AJAX, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript
  • XML, SOAP, web services (WDSL, XML-RPC data exchange, UDDI)
  • Flash ActionScript
  • Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft.NET
  • C++, Java