It is not sufficient to only know your own shop.

You have to get to know your shop from an outsider’s point of view, be able to compare it to the competitors and pursue the right competitive strategy.

That is what we do.

Business Analysis & Financial Analysis

Consulting and analyses for medium-sized businesses

Business analysis as basis for a successful competitive strategy
Our management consultancy makes business analyses for entrepreneurs and managements in medium-sized businesses, investors and other deciders. A business analysis provides entrepreneurs and deciders with substantiated information about the business situation of a company. The level of information with regard to upcoming economic decisions in the corporate strategy is improved by means of business analyses.

Business analyses as means for changing the corporate strategy
Our strategy consulting for medium-sized businesses uses business analyses as starting point for changing the corporate strategy and creating competitive advantages.

The services of our strategy consulting regarding business analyses in medium-sized businesses are:

  • Consulting and identification of the analysis objectives and addressee of the business analysis
  • Making the business analysis
    • Internal business analysis:
      • Analysis of mission statement and vision,
      • SWOT analyses
      • Potential analyses
      • Portfolio analyses
      • Gap analyses
      • Product life cycle analyses
      • Resource analyses
      • Financial analysis
    • External business analysis:
      • Environmental analysis
      • Field analysis
      • Competitor analysis
  • Combination of the internal and external business analysis to the substantiated integral business analysis.
  • Providing a business analysis reporting with recommended actions.
  • Attending the development and change of the corporate strategy, marketing strategy, strategic business areas, markets, business models, e-business, products and solutions by our strategy consulting and business development.
  • Strategy consulting regarding the corporate strategy, marketing strategy, finance strategy and e-business strategy

Better action alternatives with target-oriented business analyses
Our analysis teams provide target-oriented business analyses that are tailored to the particular analysis objectives and the information needs of the addressees – entrepreneurs, directors, financiers, outside creditors or managers. We analyze companies with regard to the information needs of our client and thus examine the criteria of the company and his competitors that are relevant for him in order to provide him with better action alternatives for his decision. With our target-oriented business analyses, the costs do not exceed the benefit of the information.

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