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Products lost in the internet
(Essen, 21.11.2007): A great design and good contents - but the own website nevertheless gets lost in the web. A new designed website is just not sufficient for product communication in the internet. Rüdiger van Hal, managing director of mediadefine GmbH, will explain in a lecture how to make products known in the internet. A wide range of marketing actions is an importatn factor for the degree of popularity of your website and thus of your product. Rüdiger van Hal, managing director of mediadefine GmbH, describes: " The internet strategy has to be seen as part fo the enterprise and marketing strategy. Search engine optimisation is only one of many aspects." Advertising products in the web is especially effective Concrete products are well suitable for ... more
CMS as software as a service for medium-sized enterprises
(Essen, 25.10.2007) mediadefine GmbH considerably extended its software services (content management systems, E-Commerce), which can be used as software-as-a-service (SaaS) via internet, for small and medium-sized enterprises by October 15th, 2007. Single software services can be used at a price of EURO 18,- (plus 19 % sales tax) incl. hosting per month. ... more
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