Products lost in the internet

(Essen, 21.11.2007): A great design and good contents - but the own website nevertheless gets lost in the web. A new designed website is just not sufficient for product communication in the internet. Rüdiger van Hal, managing director of mediadefine GmbH, will explain in a lecture how to make products known in the internet.

A wide range of marketing actions is an importatn factor for the degree of popularity of your website and thus of your product. Rüdiger van Hal, managing director of mediadefine GmbH, describes: " The internet strategy has to be seen as part fo the enterprise and marketing strategy. Search engine optimisation is only one of many aspects."

Advertising products in the web is especially effective

Concrete products are well suitable for marketing actions in the internet, because user enter concrete products into web search engines. And enterprises can adress their customer in a direct way by the means of adequate advertising effort. Van Hal reveals: "You can achieve a great effect with low costs when you use the correct keywords in text ads like the ones in Google. A futher step is is actively working on the customer relations with the means of newsletters."

The general concept matters

If you actively deal with the possibilities of the web, you can win new customers for your product purposively and without big scattering losses. Rüdiger van Hal compares: " A car needs a motor, four wheels, a steering wheel and a lot more. Just like this you have to work on more than one factor to establish an economically successfull website."

Van Hal will describe these possibilities in a lecture entitled "Lost in the internet - How will your customers find you and your products via internet?" This lecture will be part of the theme night "Product communication - communicate, administrate and protect product data" of the net2gether-IT-specialist-network (a union of specilaised IT-enterprises,

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Date: Tuesday, November 27th, 2007, 18 o'clock
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