Business management, personnel management and personnel planning require a lot of commitment.

We will reliably relieve you of the paperwork: Wage accounting, salary accounting and travel expense accounting.

Wage Accounting, Salary Accounting & Travel Expense Accounting Outsourcing

Qualified payroll accounting service for medium-sized businesses

Outsourcing of the payroll accounting for medium-sized businesses (SMB)
Our management consultancy offers individual service plans for the implementation of the wage accounting, salary accounting and travel expense accounting or the outsourcing of the entire accounting according to § 6 Abs. 4 tax advisory law (StBerG) to medium-sized businesses, small businesses, freelancers and start-ups.

The services of our payroll accounting service are:

  • Current pay slips for the employees
  • Preparing the current wage-tax return
  • Registering and deregistering employees at social insurance agencies
  • Transmitting the monthly wage data according to ELENA
  • Implementation of changes in the data of employees
  • Creating and transmitting the required advice to the social insurance agencies
  • Creating and transmitting statements of contribution paid to the social security agencies
  • Creating and transmitting requests for refunds to health insurance companies
  • Advices to the Accident Prevention & Insurance Associations
  • Travel expense reports for employees
  • Recording the absenteeism of employees
  • Preparing the wage tax notification
  • other administrative tasks
  • additionally implementation of the financial accounting

Your advantages from the outsourcing of the payroll accounting:

  • Professional organization of your wage accounting, salary accounting and travel expense accounting
  • More time for the core business
  • Qualified and personal contact persons with a quick response time
  • Integration of the payroll accounting into the financial accounting
  • Implementation of controlling calculations and other services of the internal accounting
  • Consulting and outsourcing of the accounting according to IFRS/IAS
  • Additional support in the financial management, in the corporate management and with business analyses
  • Business management consulting regarding the corporate strategy, the marketing strategy, the IT strategy or business software ERP

We point out that we work for you according to § 6 Abs. 4 tax advisory law (StBerG). If you require services according to § 1 tax advisory law (StBerG), we will gladly provide you with a tax consultant who will perform the following tasks:

  • Establishing the payroll accounts
  • Annual accounting operations for the wage tax at the end of the year
  • Implementation of the annual wage-tax adjustment
  • Preparing any tax returns

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