Without competitive advantages and a good strategy it will not go well for long.

Therefore, we do not only advise you, but also join in in the implementation of the strategy.

Corporate strategy - corporate strategies consulting

Forming effective corporate strategies and implement them continuously

From corporate strategy to competitive advantage
Our corporate strategy consulting aims to develop individual corporate strategies and competitive strategies in order to form competitive advantages together with our medium-sized customers. Together, we transfer competitive advantages into sustainable corporate values.

Corporate strategy as a motivator for change
Corporate strategies define the aims of companies. Typically, the corporate strategy determines the long-term business objectives. As the speed of the economic change is increasing constantly, it has even become necessary for medium-sized companies to revise the corporate strategy at increasingly frequent intervals, to face up to new market forces and to change the corporate strategy. The basis for corporate activity is a corporate strategy to have sustainable business success. To grant the success of a corporate strategy it is necessary to implement the strategy on all layers of the company and to have the employees live it as an overall concept.

Corporate strategy consulting begins with the business analysis
Our corporate strategy consulting for medium-sized businesses aims at developing, implementing and continuously adapting an integral corporate strategy together with our customers. At the beginning of the corporate strategy consulting we make an elaborate internal strategic business analysis.

Our internal business analysis contains amongst others:

  • Analysis of the overall concept and the vision,
  • Strength-Weakness analyses,
  • Potential analyses,
  • Portfolio analyses,
  • GAP analyses,
  • Product life cycle analyses,
  • Resource analyses and
  • SWOT analyses

An additional external business analysis, which includes an environmental analysis, field analysis and competitor analysis, helps us to assess the company in comparison to the market and the competition, which are crucial nowadays for the strategic company direction, in line with the corporate strategy consulting. On the base of the insights of the business analysis we are able to develop an integral and economically substantiated corporate strategy together with our customers in the corporate strategy consulting:

  • Determination and creation of a corporate identity across all business areas
  • Determination of the strategic business areas
  • Use of resources in the single business areas

Corporate strategy consulting as attendance in implementing the corporate strategy
Together with our customers, we implement the results of the business analysis into a new corporate strategy. We cooperatively form a changed overall concept and a new vision, formulate the corporate objectives on the base of the informed results of the business analysis, establish the business obectives together and transform them into precise and commensurable measures.

Corporate strategy consulting fitted to your questions
We develop strategies for companies, single business areas, market entries, growth strategies or strategies for companies in a crisis. We introduce established business areas into entirely new markets or formulate new business models for existing products. With our corporate strategy consulting we form individual concepts for concrete problems and will not lose sight of the integral corporate perspective.

From the corporate strategy to the marketing strategy
The marketing strategy is a part of the corporate strategy. Thus, we directly tie the marketing strategy up to the corporate strategy. Here, the marketing goals, the marketing strategies and the marketing activities for the particular strategic business areas are developed in accordance with the corporate strategy.