Your web site has to communicate your business emotionally and optimize your business processes.

We launch professional business web sites, portals, online shops, product sites and implement your internet marketing for a higher turnover on the internet.

Web conception, web design & web programming of corporate web sites

Web agency for professional company web sites

Professional web site development of business web sites, portals, online shops or product sites
Web developers, communications specialists and internet marketers work together as one internet agency team at our company to successfully implement the corporate web sites, web shops or portal sites of our customers. As integrated IT and marketing agency, we advise, conceptualize, design and program the perfect website for your target group and any desired occasion, including search engine optimization (SEO), and other digital media.

Web conception, web site design and technical implementation by a team of specialists
The employees of our internet agency attach great importance to high-quality web solutions on behalf of our customers, so we offer our customers integrated web solution concepts – from web conception, integration of the internet strategy into the marketing strategy, web design, web programming and implementation of content management systems (CMS) to the realization of internet marketing actions.

Your advantages with our integrated web and marketing agency:

  • High-quality and integrated solutions by a team of specialists consisting of web developers, designers and marketing professionals
  • Holistic web site solutions
  • Increase in the image and the brand awareness with the help of professional company web sites
  • Internet team of experts as contact

The full service of our integrated web and internet marketing agency is:

  • Web site conception – both structural and regarding the content
  • Web design of the web site
  • Web site usability optimization and handicapped accessible web sites
  • search engine optimized web programming of the web site
  • Compilation of the web site contents
  • Integration of state-of-the-art web features such as RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, integration of social network features (Facebook, Twitter, XING)
  • Integration of customer, partner and employee business processes into the web site
  • Consulting, selection and appliance of a web content management system (CMS)
  • Decision making between commercial and open source CMS systems
  • Configuration, integration and connection of
    • Web content management systems (CMS) (amongst others TYPO3, Joomla!)
    • Online shops (amongst others Magnolia, xtCommerce, osCommerce)
    • E-payment systems and e-commerce systems
    • ERP system and inventory management
  • Integration of the web site into the marketing strategy
  • Realization of internet marketing and ranking optimization for search engines
  • Internet marketing and advertising campaigns for the web site by means of online marketing actions such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing, newsletter marketing, online PR, behavioral targeting, Facebook and Twitter marketing and online video marketing.

Our web site developers and software developers for web based software are fluent on many programming and scripting languages:

  • AJAX, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript
  • PHP, MySQL, SQL.
  • XML, Webservices
  • Flash ActionScript,
  • Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft .NET
  • C++, Java.

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