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Größere Kartenansicht

Triple-Z-Park (Zeche Zollverein, Schacht 4/11)
Katernberger Str. 107
D-45327 Essen

Telephone  +49.201.365.998.40

Arrival description

By car

  • Across the A 42
    Drive: Essen-Katernberg / Gelsenkirchen-Hessler

    Coming from the direction Dortmund, you turn right at the drive, coming from the direction Oberhausen you turn left. At the first crossing with traffic lights turn left and immediately left again into the driveway of the Triple-Z Park. Please use the visitor car park on the right side.
  • Across the A 40
    Drive: Essen-Frillendorf

    Coming from Dortmund you turn right at the drive, coming from Duisburg you turn left at the traffic light.Please follow the signage to Zeche Zollverein and from there on the signage to the Triple-Z (Zeche Zollverein pit 4/11). At the next traffic light you turn right onto the Ernestinenstraße. You follow it up to it´s end and then turn right onto the Gelsenkirchener Straße. At the crossing Schonnebeckhöfe (between the lanes, there is a tram stop right at the crossing) you turn left and follow the railways. When the railways turn right you have to turn right at the crossing -on the left there is a DEA petrol station- and then turn left immediately inti the driveway of the Triple-Z Park. Please use the visitor car park on the right side.

By tram

  • Tram stop: Nienhauser Busch
    From the main station Gelsenkirchen and the main station Essen you go by the tram 107. Coming from Essen you take the tram going to Gelsenkirchen, coming from Gelsenkirchen you take the tram going to Essen. When you arrived at the tram stop Nienhauser Busch, you walk across the street to the driveway of the Triple-Z. Occasionally, the tram 107 stops at the tram stop Hanielstraße. This tram stop is only 200 m away from the Triple-Z.

Information & Advisory

Phone 0201 0211 7817 66-20
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